GlamMom….Grandmothers Redefined and Revolutionary

What are GlamMoms:   

GlamMoms are feminist, activist, and revolutionary Grandmothers....who we are and what we do……

• ‘Green’, gregarious, grateful grandmothers who give unconditional love
• Feminists and avid revolutionaries
• Teachers of ‘VoiceLessons’ to women and girls especially of the transformational ‘No’
• ‘Green’ environmentalists to save the precious spaceship earth for our grandchildren and their children
• Great storytellers and singers
• Givers of unconditional Love
• Nurture intensely
• Advocates for women and families; Advocates for Women’s Leadership Everywhere
• Play hide and seek under the dining room table with the grand babies
• Advocates for gays’ rights immigration rights, health care reform, and animals’ rights
• Politically savvy…fighting against the Republican war against women and families
• Witches with magical powers
• Practitioners of mindfulness …being ‘present’…especially, when we are with our grandchildren
• Teachers of VISTAs  (Volunteers in Service to America) who fight poverty in our communities
• Make mistakes and try again
• Have wonderful, passionate, loving relationships with their partners
• Fiercely protective of their loved ones
• Race for the cure against breast cancer
• Volunteer to hold babies in the NICU at CHOP
• Cry when they are denied seeing their grandbabies
• Fit practitioners of yoga and pilates… teaching grandchildren the ‘tree and mountain’ poses
And..movers and shakers….community organizers….and leaders….making the world a place where everyone matters.

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